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Welcome to Houston Manufacturing Specialty Co. Inc.

Houston Manufacturing Specialty Co., Inc. was established in 1974 out of the conviction that customers for gaskets, gasketing materials, related products and services would welcome a higher level of service than they had previously experienced. We knew that we faced competition from larger companies. However, our dedication to our clients and our willingness to adapt quickly to meet their special requirements has been the basis for a very successful and service focused business. We were confident that what these customers wanted was not tradition, but performance. Our clients appreciate that when they have an emergency, we have an emergency. All too often, these needs were not met, largely because it was not "company policy". Whether it’s an emergency or a more routine situation in which prompt delivery of out of stock items was required, we exceeded the response that our larger competitors deliver.


Our commitment to service has proven successful. HMS continues to grow and expand, adding machinery, skilled workers, and inventory while keeping customer service and unique problem-solving capabilities our top priority.
We begin each day with the understanding that if we are going to continue to grow, it will be a direct result of our ability to provide customers with the level of service they require; that we deliver top-quality products when we promise them, that we have on hand whatever materials are needed, that we price them competitively, and that we keep the reflex capability to work with customers during emergencies.

About Us