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PTFE Seals and Gaskets

Automatic compression molding is a major part of the work accomplished at HMS. Automatic compression molding allows us to optimize our polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) material usage, effectively cutting cost on materials when high volume production is required. By utilizing automatic compression molding, it offers a more economical production alternative for our clients. You can rely on the fact that we handle all our own design and die work. When production quantities are adequate, customers never incur tooling charges at HMS. Automatic compression molding is one of the most economical methods for producing large quantities of PTFE parts with flexible tolerances.


We manufacture PTFE seal rings, PTFE packing, PTFE valve seals, PTFE bushings, PTFE bellows, PTFE Vee Rings, PTFE Diaphragms and more.


Our PTFE seals and gaskets are manufactured at high speeds with custom-designed compression equipment. During each production phase, accuracy is achieved through the use of instruments such as dial calipers, gauges and templates.


We are a progressive shop that is interested in providing you with the highest quality at very competitive prices. At HMS, we offer old-fashioned, personal service with space-age speed.