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Flange Insulation Kits

Corrosion has long been nature's most destructive element, but with HMS flange insulation products this costly profit robbing item can all but be eliminated. HMS engineered insulation products, of consistent high quality, can be used to control and confine electrolytic corrosion in almost every piping system.


HMS insulation products are manufactured from materials with superior high dielectric strength, low water absorption and chemical stability to maintain the high quality required in refinery and chemical plant applications. Hydrocarbon exposure, weathering and salt water are no problem for HMS insulating materials.


HMS quality assurance and high production rate allow our customers to economically protect and lengthen the service life of equipment with little or no down time due to electrolysis.


HMS manufactures a full line of standard flange insulation sets including Type F (Ring) gaskets, Type E (Full Face) gaskets and Type D (API Ring Joint) gaskets, MEG-O-SEAL Type SF (Ring with sealing element) gaskets and Type SE (full face with sealing element) gaskets.