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We manufacture gaskets in a wide range of materials and configurations. We serve industrial gasket needs for flange gasket applications and custom configurations. Our gaskets are used in high pressure, high temperature gasket applications as well as low pressure ambient temperatures.


Metallic Gaskets:


SOLID METAL GASKETS: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass


API RING JOINT GASKETS: Soft Iron, Carbon Steel, 304, 316, F-5, etc. Oval and Octagonal


SPIRAL WOUND GASKETS: Metallic and nonmetallic fillers, all styles and shapes


VALVE BONNET GASKETS: Soft Iron, 316 or other customer specified materials


JACKETED GASKETS: Non-asbestos, Graphite filler, single and double jacketed


CORRUGATED GASKETS: Metal covered with graphite, ceramic or PTFE layers


HEAT EXCHANGER GASKETS: Carbon Steel, 304, 304L, 316, 316L, etc., standard shapes and specials available




Rubber ; Non asbestos ; Graphite ; Plastic ; PTFE ; Fluoroelastomer; ; Silicone ; NBR ; Chloroprene ; Beater add ; Felt ; Fiber ; Cloth inserted rubber ; Cork ; Paper ; Sponge ; Nitrile ; EPDM ; Glass filled ; Ptfe ; TFE
Veg. plant fiber


SPIRAL WOUND GASKETS: (Non-Asbestos, Graphite, PTFE, etc.) Special Styles, API-605, API-605 series B, MSSSP-44 series A


TANK CONTAINER PARTS: (PTFE, etc.) Gaskets, Valve Seats, and Others, Many in Stock


TANK TRAILER PARTS: (PTFE, Chloroprene®, etc.) Valve, Seats, Manlid & Dome Gaskets, Flange Gaskets, Many in Stock