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Insulating Sleeves

MaterialDielectric Strength volts/milWater AbsorptionMax Continuous Operating Temp.
Polyester film4,0000.80300°F/149°C
G-11800 vpm0.20350°F/177°C
Insulating Sleeves


All insulating sleeves are 1/32” (.794mm + .000 - .010”) thick.


*Available on special request for high temperature applications.


**Made of NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) grade laminated phenolic.


***Low moisture permeability and absorption rate make sleeves excellent for wet application. Flexible and tough.


Insulating Washers

Material Dielectric Strength volts/mil Compressive Strength (Flatwise) psi Flexural Strength (Flatwise with grain) psi Max. Continuous Operating Temp.
G-10750-80065,00045,000 302°F/150°C
G-735050,00035,000 430°F/220°C
G-1180060,00057,700 350°F/177°C


Insulating WashersFlat insulating washers, placed on the studs between the flange and flat steel washers, manufactured from the customer's choice of either: 1/8" (3.175mm) thick fabric-reinforced, laminated phenolic or non asbestos. These washers may be used with polyethylene or phenolic sleeves. Note: If not specified, washers will be plain faced phenolic.


Steel and Stainless Steel Back-Up Washers
Steel and Stainless Steel washers fit between the nut and the insulating washer to prevent damage to the insulating washer. The outside diameter is sized to fit within the bolt facing on ASA standard flanges. Both washers are 1/8" (3.175mm) thick for extra strength. Insulating washers are not necessary on both sides of the flange, but it is a good practice. For high temperature applications of these products, consult a representative or your distributor for recommendations.