Replacement Seals

HMS carries a large inventory of replacement seals for hydraulic equipment. Our wide variety of seals can save customers expensive downtime when seals are obsolete or unavailable for delivery from OEM. If your repair demands a custom seal replacement, call us. HMS manufactures custom seals for your special cylinder needs.


Some repair and fabrication materials in stock include:


C1045 Chrome Rod 3/4” to 3 1/2”
CDS-DOM-HRS Mechanical Tubing (Limited Stock)
6061 Aluminum or Bronze for Piston or Gland replacement
(Stock up to 9”)
Packing and Seals
Poly Pak
O Rings and Back Ups
Commercial Shearing
Custom Hoist
Custom Seal Replacement
TFE Piston Cups and Vee Packing
25% Glass Filled Piston Rings
Phenolic Adapters and Spacers